Eric Wätke

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Designing a Poster every day

I've designed a poster every day for 72 days. Here are some hand-picked examples!

All of these were created in a mixed workflow between the programs Photoshop, Instagram and Blender.
The 3d-images have a background from pexels. The 3d Object reflects a projection-mapped environment. The "O" poster was actually the most complicated since all of the lights reflecting on the O were hand-placed.

The simpler posters had a more straight-forward Photoshop creation process. The reflections on the "High" poster simply are drawn and then blended on the image.

How it came along

Sometimes, I just sat down in front of Photoshop or Blender and started doing weird shit. Mostly though, my process was pretty thoughtful. At school, or when I went somewhere, I almost always had my small little notebook with me. I then took down a general idea of the layout I have in my mind. After that, sometimes much later, sometimes just a couple of minutes later, I started designing around the layout I liked most in Photoshop/Illustrator.