High Quality Paper Textures

I love using paper textures on stuff like poster designs. There are quite some textures on the internet already, but they are either scattered all over the place or in a rough quality.

Why should you care?

Our designs can often look dull or lifeless – almost clinical. In some cases, that's what you're looking for. In most of my designs, I wanted something different. I found, that designing stuff by hand with real material brings a certain randomness into the equation which elevates the entire design.

However, you can't always do stuff analog. For me, a great way to add that tiny bit extra to my designs, which in the end will make the difference, was to add textures.

For the examples poster designs or illustrations, paper-textures work great, because that would be the material used if you created your designs analog.

Placing a paper-texture onto some UI element makes visually not really sense for example. In the case of UI you might expect to see tiny subpixels and a Moiré-effect. Not paper.

So to spare you the effort and endless hours of searching for usable textures, I want to share my personal collection of paper textures.

If you have a good camera and some time to kill, you can, of course, also shoot these yourself! Just watch out that you don't over-expose your image, or you'll destroy valuable brightness information. (I made that mistake in one or two images myself) Over-exposed areas are quite hard to spot when you work with blank white pieces of paper.

So what's in all this you?

  • A plain texture paper

  • 7 different folded variations with 4 different versions each

    • hard-fold front and back + soft-fold front and back

  • 10 different wrinkled textures.

  • Inverted textures for dark designs

The Free Version

The free version has some drawbacks. (Obviously, otherwise I'd just have the one)

You will have access to all of your wrinkly needs, as all of the wrinkled textures are included. Also, every fold-variation is available. But: only the hard-fold back version of each fold. The inverted/darkmode textures are also not included. You can, of course, do the inverted/color adjusted versions yourself with the free version!

Oh, I almost forgot. You can use these however you want, be it in personal projects or commercial ones. You also don't have to credit me if you don't feel like it. It'd just be great if you shared the link to this page and not the image files themselves. Especially for the PLUS version :)


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