Branding a music event company

The re-branding of the music-event company Technica

To provide you with a bit of backstory: I was in a school-company called "Technica Light & Sound". We were renting out sound- and lighting gear e.g. for parties. Also, we organized (music) events and did the marketing, ticketing, technical stuff, and so on. Everything required to do an event.

What I was working with

The logo used until the rebranding

This is the original Logo I was starting with. As you can see, the logo itself isn't too bad. The biggest problem that faced me, and ultimately forced me to redesign the entire thing was the scalability. Imagine this logo as a favicon or on the home screen of your phone. Also, I wanted to have a recognizable brand-color.

So I had to brainstorm ideas for the new logo which would represent the environment of the company.

The new logo

This is the logo I ended up with. The icon represents a slightly angled view of a speaker. I chose to create the icon this way is simply because it fits perfectly in square and tiny spaces. Like the favicon in your browser tab. For the font I chose Fira Sans. It's sans-serif with rounded corners. That fits the smooth and modern experience we wanted our customers to have. I chose the tone of orange to convey a friendly and optimistic innovative image.

Supporting the design with illustrations

I wanted to really modernize the companies website. That's where I stumbled across some cool illustrations and decided I wanted to incorporate that into the site. Ideally, the illustration shows what we are doing primarily. That of course is setting up speakers and lights, as we are an event company. So I sketched some rough ideas on a piece of paper and then finished the design in Adobe Illustrator.

A vectorised person lifts a speaker onto a stand

Applying the design

Before the redesign, the website was completely broken. It was just a blank white page with no way to access the dashboard. To design a new web presence, I first had to pick a URL. Since all of the common TLDs were already in use (.de, .com, etc.) I had to get creative. And what would be more fitting for an event company then the TLD ".events". So with a fully custom CMS the new website launched and can be visited here.

The logo is also used in white on various posters and tickets. This was also very important to me since the orange color obviously can't work with every poster design.