Eric Wätke

Producing for Radio Lübz

How I came about to produce an episode for the podcast "Radio Lübz"

My dad and I were invited to be guests in an episode of the podcast "Radio Lübz". Since I was currently doing an internship there and also had prior experience in recording and mixing, I offered to produce this episode and publish the podcast.

You can give the episode a listen on spotify. (It's german though)

How it all went along

I brought my own gear to where we met up. In case you're interested: A Rode Procaster connected with the Audient iD 4 to my Dell XPS 13. Then we just talked for about 30-45 minutes.

My editing workflow

I used Adobe Audition. It's probably not the best podcast-editing tool, but I had a lot of experience with it due to prior projects. The first thing I do is cutting the audio. We only had one microphone for three speakers, so I had to cut one track and move the parts onto three different ones. As me and my dad haven't been in a lot of podcasts (or any for that matter), I had to cut a lot of silences, thinking pauses etc.

My Editing Workflow

Applying the FX

Then, I put quite a few effects on each track. This basically allows me to fine tune how the voices sound, but more importantly: it makes everything said the whole time equally loud. -6 dB in this case. I don't know the industry standard, but this is where I settled on since it's not too loud but not too quiet either.

The Effects

Adding a touch of magic ✨

With magic I really just mean some music and sound-effects in the background. I grabbed some royalty free music, made a quick intro and outro and added some music in the background to fulfill the 45-90 seconds rule (as mentioned in the Gimlet Academy).

The Magic

Publishing the podcast

This is really straight forward basically. Before, the podcast was only and exclusively hosted on Soundcloud. That's sub-optimal to say the least. Hosting isn't free (which is not that big of a deal, but also a contributing factor), but more importantly: you just couldn't listen to it on any regular podcast app. Now it's on basically every podcasting platform available.