Eric Wätke

Designing a Poster Every Day

Challenging myself for 72 days to create a poster every day

December 2019, I've decided to start designing a poster. One, every day.

But why?

I saw a Video on YouTube about this by The Futur featuring Roy Cranston. After watching it, I sat down in front of my PC and just started.

I will only drop in a couple of pictures in this article. If you want to see all, you can check them out on my Instagram!

The Beginning

As one can imagine, my first posters weren't great. As every skill you haven't spent a lot of time mastering yet. And if you don't hate the work you did in the past, you haven't grown as much as you probably hoped. Either that, or you've mastered something and there is litteraly no way you can do better.

I for one really dislike my first poster.

The letter A from the 36 days of design challenge

My goal was to find a word, beginning with the letter "A" and create a poster about that. This word was air.

I tried to make some semi-translucent letter which interacts with the environment. So this is a mixture of 3D-work and compositing. As I'll show you in a bit, I really like the theme and did a couple of letter posters like this.


  1. But why?
  2. The Beginning