Eric Wätke

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Producing an Episode of "Radio Lübz"

My dad and I were invited to be guests in an episode of the podcast "Radio Lübz". Since I was currently doing an internship there and also had prior experience in recording and mixing, I offered to produce this episode and publish the podcast.

You can give the episode a listen on spotify. (It's german though)

How it all went along

I brought my own gear to where we met up. In case you're interested: A Rode Procaster connected with the Audient iD 4 to my Dell XPS 13. Then we just talked for about 30-45 minutes.

My editing workflow

I used Adobe Audition. It's probably not the best podcast-editing tool, but I had a lot of experience with it due to prior projects. The first thing I do is cutting the audio. We only had one microphone for three speakers, so I had to cut one track and move the parts onto three different ones. As me and my dad haven't been in a lot of podcasts, I had to cut a lot of silences, thinking pauses etc.

Applying the FX

Then, I put quite a few effects on each track. This basically allows me to fine tune how the voices sound, but more importantly: it makes everything said the whole time equally loud. -6 dB in this case. I don't know the industry standard, but this is where I settled on since it's not too loud but not too quiet either.

Adding the magic

With magic I really just mean some music and sound-effects in the background. I grabbed some royalty free music, made a quit intro and outro and added some music in the background to fulfill the 45-90 seconds rule (mentioned in the Gimlet Academy).

We had to re-record one question because it later became apparent that we misunderstood it the first time. In order for it to go under unnoticed (hopefully), I threw a couple of similar sounding sound-effects in the background. I needed to do this, because we were recording outside the first time, but inside this time. A couple of EQ-Adjustments, bird- and wind effects mostly did the trick. Some of them I quickly recorded with my phone outside. (the top track)

Publishing the podcast

This is really straight forward basically. Before, the podcast was only and exclusively hosted on Soundcloud. That's sub-optimal to say the least. Hosting isn't free (which is not that big of a deal, but also a contributing factor), but more importantly: you just couldn't listen to it on any regular podcast app. Now it's on basically every podcasting platform available.